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Adam Baruch, founder and Managing Director of Jazzis Ltd., started Jazzis Records, Israel's first independent record label, in 1987. Jazzis Records was the first Israeli record label specializing in the production of original jazz releases and other sophisticated musical projects. It was also the first Israeli record label to undertake worldwide marketing and regular international distribution.

Jazzis Records has also created opportunities for Israeli jazz musicians to meet, perform and record with colleagues from other countries, creating a unique blend of musical ideas and influences. The label's releases feature many outstanding and internationally famous musicians from countries such as Germany, USA, Poland, UK, Italy and France.

Jazzis Records productions have been received worldwide with great success and acclaim, both by critics and music lovers. Its catalog includes some of the best contemporary jazz and progressive rock music in the world. The music has been broadcast all over the world and many radio stations feature Jazzis Records regularly in their programs.

The company takes great care in every aspect of its production. The releases have superb sound quality and the CD booklets are both informative and beautifully designed, featuring exclusively paintings by the famous Polish artist Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski.

In 1991 Baruch founded Jazzis Ltd., augmenting the existing Jazzis Records activities (recording, production and export) with other functions, such as music publishing. Today, Jazzis Ltd. is the biggest Israeli music publisher in the field of jazz and progressive rock, and represents over 100 young Israeli composers.